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     To facilitate the best possible quality of life by prevention, early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease.


Today we have in reality solved the cardiovascular disease riddle.

It is nowadays possible to very accurately assess risk of future cardiovascular disease in any individual. In practically everyone it is today possible to lower the cardiovascular risk to the lowest possible by various preventive measures.


Cardiovascular disease is the dominating cause of death in Scandinavia and other “western” societies. Around half of all people in our society die of cardiovascular disease. Most people in our part of the world will eventually be affected by the disease. Almost half of the coronary heart disease deaths are sudden, without any previous warning signs or symptoms.


It is possible to prevent sudden cardiovascular death, which often strikes the individual in the middle of life, only through early detection of persons with risk of future cardiovascular disease.

People who survive a heart attack or a stroke often experience various degrees of handicap and suffering. Prevention, early detection and correct treatment of cardiovascular disease is the most effective way to decrease the risk of these complications.


Heart Health Group offers a unique, comprehensive and very thorough examination of the heart and vascular system.


Based on this examination, we can assess your individual risk of future cardiovascular disease and take appropriate action to prevent this. If you already have some kind of cardiovascular disease, we will of course discover that as early as possible and treat it properly.


Our associates have the highest clinical skills. We also perform cardiovascular research of top international quality.



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