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  Hjärtkärl-kliniken in Malmö






We offer:

- Comprehensive cardiovascular check-up with life long follow-up

- Health examination for athletes

- Exercise ECG for various purposes

- Second opinion regarding cardiovascular diseases

- Work-up, check-up, treatment and follow-up for all kinds of cardiovascular disease

- Examinations of the heart and vascular system, e.g. ultrasound examinations and exercise ECG

We have solved the cardiovascular disease riddle

Prevent and detect cardiovascular disease in time


Today we have actually solved the cardiovascular disease riddle. We have very good knowledge about the factors that

cause the disease and we know what to do with any factor that is not favourable. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the risk

of future cardiovascular disease to the lowest possible, in all individuals who want to.


We offer a unique, comprehensive and qualified examination of your heart and vascular system. That way we can make a

very precise assessment of your individual cardiovascular disease risk. Based on this assessment, we can together with you

lower your risk of future cardiovascular disease to the lowest possible.


This kind of cardiovascular preventive activity by experiences specialists in cardiovascular disease has not previously been

possible, neither in public nor in private health care. We offer you a vital and comprehensive complement to what occu-

pational and other health services offer. We welcome private citizens and companies to contact us and make an appoint-

ment at our private clinic.


You will find us on Geijersgatan 4C in southern Malmö. Map


We are available all week days from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., often later than that. After agreement, we can meet you also at

other time points.


Welcome to our clinic i Malmö, Sweden!


Academically recognised cardiovascular specialists perform extensive and individualised

evaluation of your cardiovascular risk profile, based on the most recent scientific evidence.





Geijersgatan 4C, SE-216 18 Limhamn, Sweden

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